Blinds & Shutters

Cape Floors supply and fit all types of Blinds & Shutters. Blinds & Interior and exterior Shutters. Aluminium Blinds, Bamboo and Basswood Venetian Blinds, Roller Blinds & Outdoor Roller weather blinds to fit your house

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Venetian Blinds

Venetian BlindsThere’s so much more to straight forward Venetian blinds than you might first think. With endless colour options and a variety of fabulous finishes, not to mention slat widths to suit your window size and aspect, the world really is your oyster. Choose from simple and discreet whites and neutrals or embrace more and excitining finishes such as pearlescent or metallic. There’s a shade to suit any décor.

Eco-Wood Blinds

Our Eco-Wood range is one of the most affordable and versatile venetian blinds on the market. These blinds offer an inexpensive window solution that is ideal for kitchens and bathrooms. Don’t be fooled though, these versatile blinds lends themselves to any room in your home.  

Basswood Blinds

Basswood blinds add the perfect touch of texture, warmth and character to any home. Whether your heart desires light, natural tones like Silky Ivory and Washed Oak or dramatic, warm tones such as Dark Mahogany or Java, Focus Blinds & Shutters has a colour that paints your dreams. 

Roller Blinds

You might not know just how versatile and stylish a roller blind actually is. From block-out fabrics, to sheers that provide just the right amount of daytime privacy our roller blind range is packed with fabrics guaranteed to impact your home. Roller blinds are ideal where space is at a premium. 


Interior and exterior shutters are probably the most sensible, and not to mention beautiful, window treatment choices for the South African climate. Guaranteed to last a long time, shutters never date, and aren’t subject to decor whims or fleeting trends. Shutters are elegant and luxurious and provide just the right amount of light or darkness when needed.